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Contemply Srl was born from the desire of a group of Italian art advisors to spread and enhance art as a "safe haven" in a time of great confusion in the economic and financial markets. Almost 97% of the contemporary art market is in the hands of international markets (USA, England, China), while Italy, the home of world art, remains a paltry 3%. This low percentage derives from the lack of communication and marketing development of our artists and their works on international markets.

The Contemply project starts from this market gap.

Contemply ensures the success of a contemporary artist with: marketing and communication, national and international exhibitions, exhibitions within museum institutions, site-specific projects in places of public interest, active collaboration with art critics, auctions and sale on the market. Today Contemply boasts great collaborations with Silverstein Properties of New York, a large real estate group (over $ 50 billion in turnover), owners of the Word Trade Center, with the Galleria Agorà New York, Nancy's Gallery Shanghai - Soho Gallery New York - Indra Public Relation , LLC New York.

Lloyd’s – Lockton Group

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the largest private broker in the world, every collector is insured for "all risks" with Lloyd’s, the most important insurance market in the world. Our insurance broker Lockton, through the Italian headquarters PL Ferrari - Arte (, guarantees all works of art, sold by Contemply, whether they are in your home, or in a vault as well as when they are loaned for temporary exhibitions. The guarantee is given for the full value paid by the investor, this being accepted by the insurers. From the latest World Wealth Report, it emerges that the wealth of world HNWIs, i.e. those who have invested $ 1 million or more in assets, excluding their primary residence, collectibles, consumer and durable goods, reported a reduction in 3%; this reduction was driven by the slowdown in equity markets and regional economies, with Asia-Pacific, and especially China, to the point of representing 25% of the global market decline in 2018. The reduction in the assets of the Ultra- HNWI with 75% of the general decline in HNWI wealth. Non-negligible data from Wealth Management companies which, while enjoying the trust of their customers, are forced to improve corporate performance and obtain a broader trust of the same through an effective use of new generation technologies, reducing equity assets to benefit from more stable and profitable assets such as, for example, works of art or alternative sectors. Italy, which ranks in tenth position in the ranking of the main "personal assets" with over 250 thousand "rich", has witnessed a sharp turn towards less volatile markets, moving by as much as 13%, with an increase of 4%, on more stable and profitable assets, among which the art market stands out.

The fine arts market demonstrates a maturity that allows it to establish itself as a real alternative investment. In twenty years, the world turnover of the art market has grown by 456%, passing from 34 to 59 countries involved in the art market. From 2000 to 2014, more museums were built than in the previous two centuries, museums which, the report notes, increasingly have an entrepreneurial vocation. In the last fifty years, investment in art has given average annual returns of 10.5% (see Art Capital Partners - Private Banking and Asset Management Forum, Milan) and groups such as Microsoft, Deutsche-Bank or J.P. Morgan are among the largest investors in contemporary art in the world. Banca Intesa, for example, holds one of the largest private art collections. 88% of banks today consider art a strategic focus that is beginning to have an increasingly substantial impact on the management of its customers' assets. Art as an integral part of asset management: art is a well-established trend: 9 out of 10 asset managers claim that artistic assets and collectibles must be included in the range of services offered. The value invested in art and collectibles by customers, which in 2016 amounted to 1.6 trillion dollars, will amount to 2.7 trillion by 2026. This is a truly substantial figure which confirms the urgency to develop ad hoc services to respond to the needs of an expanding clientele.

  1. 86% of private bankers and 77% of family offices emphasize the need to include art and collectibles in wealth management solutions.
  2. 69% of wealth managers surveyed said they expect their clients to want to include art and other collectibles in their wealth reports.
  3. The establishment of a close relationship between wealth management operators and the art sector is therefore essential in order to provide a complete and valuable value proposition.


  1. The capital gain obtained from an occasional sale of a work of art in Italy is not taxed, in the non-commercial sphere.
  2. The work of art is like a bearer booklet, guarantees absolute privacy to the owner and does not involve taxation.
  3. Investment in works of art can be tax deductible by professionals and companies.
  4. Banks are becoming less and less safe for capital. The rules on transparency and the obligation to transmit the most important data to the Revenue Agency have compromised banking secrecy.
  5. The rules on seizure from third parties have made current accounts attackable by the tax authorities and creditors. And now there is a risk that savers may be called to answer for the debts of the credit institution.

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How to make a safe investment in the contemporary art sector?


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