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contemply.comContemply establishes itself as a company of experts and promoters of the art world, with the aim of promoting italian artists in the global market of contemporary art, supporting artists and their investors. Contemply boasts a strong partnership with numerous international galleries, including: the famous Agora Gallery in New York and the prestigious Nancy's Gallery in Shanghai. Thanks to the help of the major international reference portals of contemporary art, Artnet and Artprice, Contemply has the opportunity to promote its artists directly in the digital contemporary art market, screening the demands of the market in a global view. Confidently Contemply negotiating intermediary operations between the artist works and the collector using multiple net sales. Making the collaboration with international galleries, using web art portals, the creation and presence of its consultants at the sector's events and exhibitions, leads the artists to boast enormous success over the course of a few years.

This strong commitment in the art sector, takes the form of multiple advantages both in terms of quality of work and in terms of capital gains. First of all the artist's works are always protected and certified, through insurance policies so that the collector, buyer of an asset, has guaranteed returns over time. Secondly, the relocation of the purchased work on the market, and participation in national and international exhibitions.

In 2018 Contemply invested for the second time on the American market, promoting its artists and its partners on the Italian Pavilion at the Art Expò New York: the most important sales and factoring event for international contemporary art. New York as well known is the most suitable place to bring out artists in the art market, increasing sales potential and capital gains.


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