Alessandro Fabio Basile

Alessandro Fabio Basile was born in Bari in October 1971. He attended the Artistic highschool, the Academy of Fine Arts and the three year in course of restoration of frescoes.

After completing his studies, he dedicated himself to restoration and painting installations. His workshop are sculptures in various materials, in particular bronze in limited edition for collectors. His works are bodies that below (earth) move in a caos to the top (sky), in a vertical moving.

The few bodies that escape from the curses of our time reach the dream of a different life after falling so low that they receive a formidable thrust to the ascent. From heaviness to lightness, from darkness to light, his works can be found in a village square, in a crossroads or in the intimacy of a churchyard or a private living room. Chisels for Basile are like knives that modelling unconscious faces and desperate hands. They ask for help and at the same time indicate a possible direction.

Works of Alessandro Fabio Basile


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