Alex Caminiti

Alessandro Caminiti was born in Messina in 1977 graduated from the Art School of the City, after some Academy students decided to devote himself entirely to the art world. Creator of the Sicily Awards is a highly appreciated artist abroad, has participated in many important events, memorable challenges with other American artists. His exhibitions of high artistic profile, the notes of prominent critics, his capillary and spontaneous diffusion. The researched development of new artistic paths and the courageous exploration of new models, led him to be one of the most representative names of Sicilian Art in the world.

His spontaneous, clear and highly expressive art leads the viewer to look for an access, to try to understand how the artist can construct his works, how he can express his feelings.

He moves in his creations from one sector to another of art: he is in fact a painter and sculptor.

The artist transfers his particular sensitivity to the work he creates, working with unstoppable frenzy, to perfecting his idea and recreating every time a new and ever more complete interpretation of his talent.

Works of Alex Caminiti


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