Angelo Maineri

Angelo Maineri was born in Varese in 1962. After the stage time in the study of the Viggiutese sculptor Antonio Danzi, which he knows the fundamental rules of the profession, he attends the sculpture school held by Giancarlo Marchese at the Brera Academy in Milan. At the end of the eighties, he won numerous public projects and his first personal exhibitions in the historic Milan gallery of Ada Zunino.

In 1998 Mario De Micheli presented a major exhibition dedicated to him by the Varese Chamber of Commerce. There are numerous public works and critics who are interested in his work such as Milena Milani, Floriano De Santi, Raffaele De Grada.

On the occasion of the thirtieth year of activity, in a personal that symbolically covers its historical path, at Villa Raimondi in Fino Mornasco the new cycle of research work is presented, which goes under the name of Visual Prayer.

Works of Angelo Maineri


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