Antonio Sirtori

Antonio was born in Reggio Emilia in 1937, after moved in Monza when he was very young. From an early age he felt the desire to communicate thoughts and feelings to the outside world through art, in its most tangible and concrete expression represented by sculpture.

In 1965 he enrolled in a sculpture course at the Scuola Reale of Monza. Then he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera and the Libera Accademia di Nova Milanese. They are all constructive experiences useful to perfect technical knowledge, stimulating for comparison with others, important for cultural and human growth.

At the School of Monza, Sirtori learns to approach the subject, to know its characteristics, to experiment with the best treatment: a bit 'blacksmith, a bit' carpenter, learn to make the frames of the sculptures or the forms in plaster.

At the Accademia di Brera he attends the Libero Corso di Nudo using almost exclusively the drawing: among the various techniques, the one he prefers is without a doubt the bent. In this context, Sirtori perfects his painting skills but acquires above all a wealth of anatomical notions that will allow him to mold the material with great ease.

Finally, at the free Academy of Nova Milanese, Sirtori is dedicated to his beloved sculpture: the occasion provides him with the possibility of having a model available, while working on very rapid but formative poses in grasping the essentials of the figure. Sirtori works in a particular context as he is the only sculptor among all painters. The environment is also special under a human profile as the sculptor confronts other artists and meets friends with whom to share, discuss, appreciate art, life, humanity.

Sirtori's work finds various possibilities for external and collective exhibitions, as well as for participation in various initiatives that see him always among the first classified in receiving prizes and awards. They are important and constructive steps of the artistic career of the sculptor because they allow the external manifestation of their abilities, they deliver the works to the interpretation of criticism, they become a moment of verification in the expression of feelings, feelings, moods and in transmitting the story concrete and tangible of being a man and a sculptor.

Sirtori since 1981 seems to leaves the scenes, doesn’t attend exhibitions, neither collective nor personal, does not participate in initiatives that in the past had seen him in roles as a protagonist beyond his will. He lives a moment of introspection during which he continues his work without looking for moments of expression. "For a few years I have produced for myself," says the artist, caressing his own intimistic needs. But an artistic journey can not always transcend from others, if you want it constantly growing. So Antonio Sirtori, a shy but sensitive person, free soul but with great respect for humanity, returns to open up to the world, in a constant and positive confrontation, in contexts that are sometimes new but certainly stimulating and evolutionary.

Works of Antonio Sirtori


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