Beppe Vesco

Beppe Vesco was born on 9 August 1949 in Palermo, after finishing high school he moved to Rome, where he attended the Faculty of Architecture achieving his degree in 1975.

In the following three years he teaches as an instructor at the Urban Planning Institute of the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo and holds a special engraving course at the Art Institute of Monreale.

Refine the working techniques by attending the studies of different painters; among these the Mexican master Francisco Corzas, with whom he establishes a partnership full of technical and human experiences of great importance.

On several occasions he works with Corzas in his studio in Mexico City, New York, together with other artists such as John Grillo, Vita Giorgi, Aboularach, Leonel Gongora, and in Milan, attending Giorgio Upiglio's printing house.

Today he teaches Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Works of Beppe Vesco


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