Emilio Greco

Emilio Greco attended elementary school in the former convent of San Placido and in that period, looking out from a grille from Palazzo Biscari, he observed enchanted the remains of the Greco-Roman structures that conditioned him in his passion for ancient sculpture.

He began thirteen years was mainly responsible for the restoration and construction of civic monuments. Sculpture for the anthological exhibition of Emilio Greco held in 1983 in Castel Sant'Angelo. Remained on site.

However, the Catania of the time did not succeed in giving it the space it deserved, because "for the young the possibility to exhibit works of art was limited to some rare trade-union exhibition (...). In the course of time, however, even in Catania, things have changed. Now, there exist of the Art Institutes and they operate private galleries ".

In 1934 he obtained a certificate from outside at the Academy of Palermo, then undertook a military service in the Royal Army. He participated in some colonial battles (Africa, Albania ...), but he followed passively the events of the Second World War in Rome. In 1947 he resided and worked together with other famous artists at Villa Massimo. The following year he obtained the official teaching at the Liceo in via Ripetta.

For a short time, he occupied the chair at the Carrara Academy in the role of supervisor teacher since 1952, also thanks to the undisputed successes achieved. In this period he had as a pupil the painter Gualtiero Passani (Carrara 1926) with whom he entertained a relationship of collaboration.

Gets a great popularity with the monument Pinocchio and the Fatina (1956) for the town of Collodi.

Poetic his cycle of the Great Bathers and his portraits of young women.

He is also the author of the Monument to Pope John XXIII in St. Peter's and the Doors of the Cathedral of Orvieto (1970) [. In 1974 the Hakone open-air museum dedicated a permanent area called "Giardino di Greco" (or "Greek Garden").

Works of Emilio Greco


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