Enrico Lombardi

Enrico Lombardi, painter and writer, was born in Meldola (Fc) in 1958. For over thirty years he has carried out an intense exhibition activity in Italy and abroad, accompanied by an uninterrupted reflection on the status of the image. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he participates in numerous collective shows including the "First Biennial of the Mediterranean" in Barcelona and the "Biennale Giovani" in Bologna (1985), two editions of the "Premio Campigna" in S. Sofia (1987-1990), "Paintings. The feeling and the form "in Treviso and Bologna (1996), the" First Biennial of fantastic and wonderful figuration "at the castle of Poppi (1997)," Sui Generis "at the PAC in Milan (2000)," Figures of the 20th century ( 2) "in Bologna (2001)," Urban landscape "at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris (2005). He established several personal exhibitions, three of which with the Galleria Forni in Bologna and Milan (2000-2002-2006), two Anthologies at the Wimmer Gallery in Montpellier (1999) and the Galleria delle Arti in Bologna (1997), "Distanze" in Apt ( 2004), "The gold of memory" at the Art Bank Gallery in London (2005). Since 2004 the critic Alessandro Riva invites him to be part of the "Italian Factory" group for the new Italian figuration, with which he participates in "The new italian art scene" at the Taipei Museum (2007), in "New figuration ... to be continued "at the Borroni Foundation (2008)," Rumors "at the Arsenal of Turin (2008) and" No LandScape "at the Bandera Foundation (2009). In 2006 he released "Voices in the dark", the second volume of I Quaderni by Italian Factory, published by Charta, with an unpublished story by Edoardo Albinati. In 2007, on the occasion of the solo exhibition at the Forlì Museum, the bilingual monographic volume published by Electa "Il Grido Silenzioso", edited by the philosopher Rocco Ronchi, with whom he collaborates for years and which unites him a great friendship, is published. In 2007 Sgarbi invited him to the great review "Italian Art 1968/2007.

At the end of 2009 it was held in Ravenna, sponsored by the Department of Culture and the Museum of Art, its solo exhibition "Il tempo dell'ombra", curated by Chiara Canali and presented by the poet Antonella Anedda. In 2010 he began a new collaboration with the Blackheath Gallery in London.
To celebrate its thirtieth anniversary, the Accademia dei Imperfetti, together with the Municipality of Meldola - Department of Culture, organizes a new solo exhibition in the spring of 2016, "The Kingdom", at the Michelacci Gallery, with the presentation of the philosopher Federico Leoni. During the summer of 2016 he took part in the "Oltre la visione" Contemporary Art Exhibition, curated by Massimo Scaringella, set up in the Castello di Milazzo, and was chosen by Vittorio Sgarbi to represent Emilia-Romagna at the "Premio Pio Alferano 2016". Genius Loci ", held every year in Castellabate (Sa). 2016 concludes with two important exhibitions of national importance: "7", curated by Marcello Panascia and Laura Cavallaro, in the beautiful rooms of Palazzo Corvaja in Taormina and "Ode alla Pittura", curated by Marco Goldin, who reorganizes, in the renovated rooms in the Conegliano Veneto Museum, the Museum's Contemporary Art Collection. At the beginning of 2017 the Gallery Il Ponte 04 in Pieve di Cento organized a small anthology of works from 2010 to 2017 entitled "Linea d'ombra".

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