Ercole Pignatelli

Ercole Pignatelli was born in Lecce in April 1935. He soon began to paint: he was seven years old and was in the third grade, as he himself tells. He moved to Milan at a very young age, in the fifties, with the intention of combining his roots with international art. Here he was immediately struck by the Picasso exhibition held at Palazzo Reale in 1953, and every day, for a whole month, does not fail to visit the works of the Catalan artist, which will be essential for his formation. He rented a room in Via Formentini, in the Brera district, and met and met many characters: Salvatore Quasimodo, Ugo Mulas, Milena Milani, Piero Manzoni, Lucio Fontana, Giorgio Kaisserlian. With Lucio Fontana, who saw him as an artist "free from enslavements", he began an artistic association that lasted until 1968, the year of Fontana's death. Pignatelli immediately began to have relationships with important gallery owners: like Carlo Cardazzo, who became his first patron and presented it at the Cavallino in Venice where he met the poet Raffaele Carrieri who dedicated him the first article on Epoca: "Ercole Pignatelli il ragazzo swallow"; and again Peppino Palazzoli, collector and then director of the Blue Gallery who commissioned him some paintings. Already in November 1954 Pignatelli, in Milan, won the San Fedele award for young people. From this moment, immediately recognized by the cultural environment of Milan as a prodigy, Pignatelli will have an artistic path characterized by a series of awards, participating in the European figurative culture with the strength of its originality combined with its ability to design, composition and thorough reading of emotions. Ercole Pignatelli has a residence in Garzola, a corner of peace where he collects and elaborates his most intimate thoughts; love to go down to Como, to immerse yourself in the suggestive historical center. Just in Como, ten years ago, Pignatelli met Claudio Quarta, biologist and entrepreneur, with whom he began a fraternal friendship, until the complete financing of the project "Germinazioni", the great sculpture donated by Pignatelli to his hometown in June of 2010 .

Works of Ercole Pignatelli


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