Fabrizio Trotta

Fabrizio Trotta was born in 1973 in Paola in Calabria, where he lives and works after a long artistic and musical experience in Milan. He approached self-taught art and in his Milanese period. He graduated in Technical of Sound in 1994 and graduated in Information Sciences in 2001.

From a young stand out his character rich in sensitivity, his passion for communication, for open and sincere dialogue that led him to show particular interest in art in its various modes of expression.

The natural attraction for life and its colors inspire him to explore the world of contemporary painting. A research that explodes his creativity embracing different styles and techniques. In his path he feels strong and irrepressible the need to make the spiritual and conceptual side meet with the rough one of the tangible that lead him to the realization, for his own works, of material surfaces.

For years he fervently started the activity of composer, arranger and music producer, with some of his productions published by record companies such as EMI and BMG.

All this leads him to deepen his knowledge of music, which allows him to interpret the sound vibrations that he transforms into visual vibrations in his works.

In his search for the consecration of the one that represents his other strong passion, he modulates musical rhythms with the material that becomes sound and harmony in the colors; then inserts them, embedding them in a precise decomposition of the plans, instruments, scores and vinyl records, all like a find and a story, a story of emotions driven by the overflowing desire to externalize them.

His predilection for matter and color and his desire to involve more senses, including tactile and olfactory, led him to expand his research into minimal works, collected in the series "Chromotherapy" and Chromoaromatherapy ", made in oil , pigments or spices, where color, in its cathartic and therapeutic function, becomes the sole protagonist, represented in the form of material rain through a new and original pictorial technique called "Spectrogram", which reproduces on canvas a 3D sound spectrogram.

Obtained numerous consents in Italy and abroad, with works in private and public collections, in 2008 he gave life to the "Playing Art". A dynamic, interactive and lightly playful art form, whose potentiality is closely linked to the user's ability to intervene on the work through the free positioning of the sections of the objects applied with magnets on a pictorial / material background that allows to generate each time a different and unique work.

It is present in volumes and yearbooks of contemporary art and specialized

Works of Fabrizio Trotta


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