The activity of the FMR publishing house began in 1964, when Franco Maria Ricci, a Parmesan in love with the typographic art, decides to pay tribute to the great citizen Giovan Battista Bodoni by publishing his famous Typographical Manual. It is a choice that will mark the history of the editions, and in general of the recent history of publishing. At a time when the dominant taste has imposed the dryness and the crisp blackness of the graphics, the character Bodoni, with its sweet anachronism and its sophisticated elegance, becomes the symbol of a relaxed and rich relationship with the past, and an idea of ​​visual aristocracy, which will make school.

The taste for the beauty of the body of writing, for the proportions and harmony of the layout, for everything that makes the "dress" of a reading object is at the origin of the most famous necklaces of FMR: Grand Tour, I signs of the man, Morgana, Quadreria, Luxe calme et volupté, The Library of Babel, Ancient States, Lords and Principalities, Impossible Guides, Vatican.

In 2000 the Art'è group acquires ownership of the publishing house and, while maintaining intellectual continuity, brings in this experience a story made in turn of books of extraordinary editorial quality, and of union between great intellectuals, great writers, great contemporary artists renewing the tradition of livre de peintre.

New collections are born dedicated to the great texts of the conscience illustrated by contemporary painters and sculptors and to the Italian and European artistic and cultural heritage; the most important works are placed in the most prestigious libraries and museums all over the world.

In 2009 the work dedicated to the genius of Antonio Canova is chosen by the Italian government as an official gift of Italy to the heads of state and government present at the G8 of L'Aquila.


In 2013 it integrates with UTET Grandi Opere, the oldest and most prestigious Italian publishing house, and gives life to one of the major European publishing companies the UTET Grandi Opere-FMR Group, chaired by Fabio Lazzari.

Since 2014 FMR is part of the Cose Belle d'Italia Group,

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