Gastone Biggi

After graduating from the artistic high school in Rome, Biggi taught art in the same high school until 1984. He began his career as a painter in 1947 and since then has held solo exhibitions in major Italian cities. He has also held personal exhibitions in the Netherlands and Sweden and has been invited to the most important Biennials and Quadrennials, as well as to major Italian art exhibitions in Montreal, Moscow, New Delhi, Stockholm, New York, Boston, Niigata in Japan, London, Madrid, Banja Luka, Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela. Biggi has also won several National and International Awards and his works are exhibited in the major Modern Art Galleries of the world.

At painting he has always supported the activity of art writer and musicologist. In 1962 he released "Birth of a point" containing 23 continuous signs but above all the theorization of what will be, in many facets, his great pictorial research: it is a key moment for Biggi as from now on he will focus on a precise and reasoned work. It is in 1962 that it will take shape with the formation of Group 1: Biggi, Frascà, Santoro and Uncini with the great support of Giulio Carlo Argan who will be a militant promoter. From 1970 to 1980 he collaborated with the newspaper L'Umanità, taking care of the Azzerando column, then with the art magazine Art Leader with the column "Debates" and with the magazine Terzocchio with the column "Parole d'artista". In 1975 he held three anthological exhibitions in Turin, Rome and Milan, and in 1988, a retrospective exhibition at Palazzo Ruspoli of Nemi, Biggi: Artist's Percentage 1958-1988.

In 1992 he published "BISNY. From Byzantium to New York (critical reflections of an artist on ancient, modern and contemporary art) "for the Bologna Bora Editions. With the same public editor in 1994 "I, the Sixties and the Group One", a personal testimony of the 60s.

In 1999 he published a large monograph titled "Self-portrait 1947-1999" by Marco Tonelli, followed by "Oltre l'orizzonte" (2001), "Le cosmocromie" curated by Elena Pontiggia.


In 2004 Carlo Arturo Quintavalle resumed the work of Biggi and inaugurated a major anthological exhibition of graphic works and paintings that remain the truest testimony of a conceptual genesis and its development through years of work in the shadow of a story, never forgets, pays tribute to its stubborn and valuable work. It will be celebrated in the hall of the Stables of the Palazzo della Pilotta in Parma, which will be presented in the important book "Gastone Biggi", Skira publisher. In the same year he exhibited with an anthological exhibition at the Art Time Gallery in Brescia, which published for the occasion the book "Witnesses in favor".

In 2005 he published the book "Incursioni d'artista" with the publisher Maretti, exposing his works in Monte Carlo (Monaco) and the GAM in Faenza, in collaboration with the Art Time Gallery in Brescia, and published the Manifesto of Realism , concept already anticipated in 1949, present in several series, and exhibited with the cycle "Events".

Also in 2006, he starred in the short film by Giorgio Kiaris entitled Art in Progress, which incorporates Gastone Biggi while he paints a work of the "War and Peace" cycle, inspired by the game of football. The short film was selected for the Bergamo International Film Festival of that year.
In 2008 he inaugurated an anthological exhibition on the occasion of his 60 years of painting, "Biggi 1948-2008", at the Casa del Pane in Milan. In the same year he published the artist's book "Minimilano", a notebook of poems and guaches on Milan and the novel "Anelio", both with Silvia Editrice.

In 2009, he took part in the 53rd Venice Biennale and published the book "Tutta altro storia ...", published by Studi Uniti, an ironic reinterpretation of the story from its origins to the present day.

In 2010 he exhibited with the exhibition, Gastone Biggi "Crossings", in the halls of Palazzo Sant'Elia in Palermo: in the same year, with the same publisher publishes the book "Anni '50, la svolta".

In 2011 the success at the international level: exhibited with the anthological exhibition "Biggi" in China at the headquarters of the Urban Planning Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The exhibition is organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Shanghai.

In2013, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Spoleto dedicated an important retrospective, entitled "Anthology", which retraces the artistic path from the 60s, until the last cycle of works dedicated to New York.

In December 2013 an anthological exhibition takes place at the Withebox Art Center, New York, curated by Gianluca Ranzi.

He died in Langhirano on 29 September 2014 at the age of 89.

Works of Gastone Biggi


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