Giorgio Galli

Giorgio Galli was born in Rome in 1958. A self-taught painter he attended the Roman artistic environment from an early age. He studies the ancient techniques of fresco and encaustic, inserting them, with renewed sensitivity, into contemporary art. His painting is a synthesis of artistic tendencies between the Informal and the "Neo Dada". Ash, mixed with color and newspaper, is the indispensable element of his art. The creative gesture is to delimit a magical-ritual space in the canvas, in which the artist becomes a kind of shaman. The works of Giorgio Galli often represent painted walls, canceled and violated by historical events, which become deposits of dreams, nightmares, tragedies, hopes and ghosts of memory. Precisely the wall becomes a tragic surface of history. The wall of history consists of the skin and the flesh of men. In fact, at the center of the aesthetic experience of the Roman artist there is always an ethical and political reflection on the existential condition of man. He lives in Genzano in the province of Rome. He has exhibited in public and private galleries and in Italian cultural institutes abroad.

Works of Giorgio Galli


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