Giovan Francesco Gonzaga

Born in Milan in 1921,exp is descended from a cadet branch of the nobles of Gonzaga Mantovani.
A man of exceptional vitality who, speaking of himself, supports with metaphorical expression: "I am a decadent, a crepuscular. I do not drive the car: I ride. I spent my childhood - a golden childhood - among nitrite and scents of the stable ... in the villa of Soncino, by the grandparents. My mother was in charge of fashion, she went to London, Paris, and I was already in the saddle at eight. "

Giovan Francesco Gonzaga on horseback At the age of ten, the future Maestro performs three hundred pen drawings, telling the path of the human race from the Stone Age to the end of the First World War. The mother is not inclined for her artistic versatility: the lawyer desires it, while the professors guarantee her destiny of art. Sogna Brera and not having obtained the long-awaited consent not yet twenty years voluntary part with the Savoia Cavalleria participating, with the squadron "Ghost", to actions of patrol in the steppe.

Giovan Francesco Gonzaga and wifeHe traveled extensively abroad, particularly in Spain, gaining significant experiences both on the human and aesthetic level.
The soul the form of the Master is sensitized to that poetic that has contributed so much to distinguish the high level of personal style that enhances and disseminates the fame of the artist in every part of the world. Mike Buongiorno and Giovan Francesco Gonzaga
Gonzaga attributes to horses an essential, visceral, primary and cultural value. So much so that it is sustained that it interprets it sensitively and interpenetrates it in primitive poetic assumption even before the consciousness mirrors it. In short, he lives it: he feels it quivering, nibbling, pawing, galloping and painting it with a bold inspired version that communicates patience and strength, momentum, fury suited to proportions in harmony with the potential rhythm of his palette. The source of soul from which the master feeds and transfigures in tension of poetry the horse manifestation which also becomes a philosophy of human complacency.

Works of Giovan Francesco Gonzaga


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