Giuseppe Migneco

Born in Messina in 1903, after having completed his classical studies in his hometown, he moved to Milan in 1931 where he began to study medicine. There he makes a living and begins to enter the world of art by drawing sketches for the "Corriere dei piccoli" and doing the retoucher for the publisher Rizzoli. In this period he began his pictorial activity creating paintings with autobiographical contents. In 1934 the turning point took place. Get in touch with Aligi Sassu, Renato Birolli, Raffaele De Grada from whom he remains enchanted. In 1937 he was one of the founders of the "Corrente" movement, bringing together artists from different cultural horizons, with the common intent of opening up to modern European culture, rejecting the cultural isolation imposed by Fascist politics. In "Corrente", over time artists with very different visions of art flow together, initially to repel painting canons now outdated, which will then take different paths, such as Arnaldo Badodi, Birolli, Broggini, Cassinari, Cherchi, Gauli, Guttuso, Manzù , Morlotti, Paganin, Sassu, Valenti, and Vedova. After the war Migneco refined his taste for "social realism" under the influence of Mexican wall painters. One of his admirers called him "a wood carver who sculpts with a brush". In the fifties the reputation, now consolidated, consecrates Giuseppe Migneco among the masters of contemporary Italian art, exhibited in the most prestigious national and foreign galleries: Gothenburg, Boston, Paris, Stuttgart, New York, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Zurich. In 1958 he took part in the XXIX Venice Biennale. His always strong and vivid colors that recall his Sicily with violent and sharp features, his hard and courageous faces make his canvases an expression of the existential struggle, in the continuous and profound confrontation with humanity and with the events that besiege him, in consciousness and in the hope of freedom and memory, beyond the absurd solitude of existence. Migneco dies in Milan on 28 February 1997.

Works of Giuseppe Migneco


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