Giuseppe Viola

Born in Sicily in 1956, he opened his first studio in Via Stadera in Milan, his works focus on still lifes and landscapes in Milan. In 1958 he went to Paris, visited the museums, studied the great French impressionists, the post-impressionists; he was particularly fascinated by Van Gogh's painting. Back in Italy, with some works in France, he took part in the inauguration of his first solo exhibition at the Galleria "Il Prisma" in Milan, on the occasion he met Carlo Carrà. Alchemy begins, a mix of sand, color, and glues, leading it to create faces with a lived taste, marine landscapes come to life with sand.

On 25 March 1961 he married Gabriella Emanuela Gandola in Milan, the only great love and inspiring muse that on 30 June of the same year will give birth to her son Fabio. In 1962 he opened his second studio in Via Neera in Milan, he studied all the work of Picasso, he met Giacomo Manzù. In 63 the second solo show at the Galleria Schettini; On 6 December 1964 his daughter Paola was born.

His innate spontaneity leads him to paint "en plein air" creating works with a material impact that will give Viola l'unicum for those themes. In '68 he met Dino Buzzati who dedicated a story to Viola entitled "the painter Viola one day painted a horse". His first monograph is presented by Dino Buzzati and Mario Portalupi.

He became a leader of pictorial imagination. From 1980, parallel to painting, he dedicated himself to sculpture, creating several bronze and silver castings; notes "Il Risveglio del Gallo", exhibited for the first time at the "Nuovo Sagittario" gallery in Milan, "il rodeo" and the "Crucifixion", a silver fusion subsequently donated to Pope Benedict XVI in May 2006.

Like his father Antonio, he suffered from diabetes, a disease that began in a sly and then reached the final dialysis that he refused to support because he thought he could no longer paint, for him a vital necessity. The day before his death he said "tomorrow I do not do dialysis even dead" and so it was, he dies the night of August 23, 2010. The work for a new imaginary city remains unfinished


Works of Giuseppe Viola


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