Max Gasparini

The reasons for my painting are, as Sciascia said , a simple story. When I was a child and I was in a storm of emotions I ended up in front of the famous painting by Giorgione. Was I that child naked? I don’t know, certainly that was my storm. A few months ago I took my daughter to visit the home of Giorgione in Treviso and see her enchanted in front of the video where talk about the strangeness and mystery of that framework. I’m back there. I paint in black and white on old sheets and cards and metal sheets wrinkled by time. Seeking a look, I abandon myself to the gestures. I accept the dripping color and contemplate the scraps laying on the floor of my studio, no one will see that, but they are part of my job. As in the stories of the ancient mythologies, much remains unsaid within and beyond the symbol. Seeking beauty in the ghost and mystery and I find myself talking with sculptural forms like in a museum platonic in my millenial mind .

Works of Max Gasparini


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