Pietro Solari

From 1928 to '33 he was a student of Libero Andreotti in Florence. In 1930, just twenty years old, he ranked III at the National Competition for the "Christopher Columbus Monument" for Chiavari, while in 1931 he won the National Competition held among the Italian Art Institutes for a "Gold Medal" to be awarded to Italo Balbo in memory of the "First transatlantic atlantic". In 1937 he executed a large bronze door with friezes and eight panels decorated for the Parish Church of Borzonasca.
From 1937 to 1943 he worked in La Spezia, where due to the war interventions, a large part of his production was lost.
In 1940 the National Competition for the S. Remo Prize was awarded for the sketch of the "Monument to the Grenadier". In 1944 he moved to Chiavari, where he worked for over forty years.
Participates in several exhibitions, including: trade shows in La Spezia and Genoa (1940-'41); "Verona National Art Exhibition" (1942); "National Competition for the 'Monument to the Sommergibilisti' ', La Spezia (1959); "I Biennale d'Arte", Genoa (1975); "The National Exhibition of Sacred Art", Monopoli (1980); "Marc'Aurelio 'National Award", Montecassino (1981); "Salon des Nations", Paris (awarded, 1985); Palazzo Torriglia, Chiavari (posthumous, 1992).
Numerous other awards have marked his artistic activity, among which among the most important are: "Grand Diploma of Honor" for sculpture, Circumarial Exhibition, Chiavari (1935); "Gold Medal", "Biennial Exhibition", Chiavari (1938); "Sanremo Award" (1940);
"Duce Award", regional exhibition (1942); "Gold Medal and diploma of merit", "International Exhibition of the Republic of San Marino" (1971); "National Award of Sculpture Golden Frame" for the best portrait (1972); "Member of Merit", Accademia Tiberina, Rome; "Academic Benemerito", Accademia Teatina, Rome; "Academic Benemerito", Universal Academy of Sciences and Arts, Rome; "Academician of Merit", Academy of the Cinquecento, Rome; "Gold Medal and diploma of artistic merit", Autonomous Company of Chiavari; "Gold Medal and Honorary Citizen Diploma", Municipality of S. Colombano Certenoli; "Honorary Member", Economic Society of Chiavari, finally in 1985 he was invited and rewarded at the Paris exhibition "Salon des Nations".
His works are located in different public spaces of some Ligurian cities, including Genoa, Sampierdarena, Portofino, but especially in Chiavari, and the "Salon de Printemps" in Paris and in Providence in the United States.
In the Apuo-Versilia area for the realization of some works at the Fonderia Tommasi and Del Chiaro and the Emilio Buratti Laboratory, he took part in the National Competition of Sculpture 'Premio Derville' of Carrara (1941) and at the exhibition "Il passato e the presence ", II ed., at the Cultural Center" L. Russo "of Pietrasanta (1983).

Works of Pietro Solari


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