Renato Guttuso

Renato Guttuso, Aldo Renato Guttuso (Bagheria, 26 December 1911 - Rome, 18 January 1987), was an Italian painter and politician improperly referred to as an exponent of socialist realism, the protagonist of Italian neorealist painting expressed in the artists of the Front New of the Arts.

Son of Joachim, amateur land surveyor and watercolourer, and Giuseppina d'Amico - who preferred to denounce the birth in Palermo on January 2, 1912 for contrasts with the municipal administration of Bagheria due to the liberal ideas of the spouses - the little Renato manifested precociously his predisposition to painting.

Influenced by his father's hobby and by frequenting the studio of the painter Domenico Quattrociocchi as well as the workshop of the car painter Emilio Murdolo, the young Renato began just thirteen years old to date and sign his paintings. It was mostly copies (Sicilian landscapers of the nineteenth century but also French painters like Millet or contemporary artists like Carrà), but there were also original portraits. During his adolescence he also began to study the futurist painter Pippo Rizzo and the artistic environments of Palermo. In 1928, just seventeen years old participates in his first collective exhibition in Palermo.

His art, linked to expressionism, was also characterized by a strong social commitment, which also led him to political experience as a senator of the Italian Communist Party for two legislatures, during Enrico Berlinguer's secretariat.

Works of Renato Guttuso


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