Roberta Tano

Roberta Di Gaetano in art Roberta Tano was born in 1963 and lives her childhood in Stornara, a small village in the province of Foggia, cultivating from an early age the love for drawing, music, poetry and literature.

He wrote the first poems at the age of twelve, and at the same time began the study of his instrument: the piano. He graduated at the State Institute of Art of Cerignola where he had the opportunity to increase his knowledge and passion for art. In the same years he discovers an extreme devotion to abstract painting that will be the main peculiarity of his being an artist.

He currently lives immersed in absolute art with the desire to bring back to the canvas what his eyes can capture through light: a painting that does not represent reality but expresses contents in the free composition of lines, shapes and colors.

The constant of his life remains the love for the art, the continuous search of the deepening of the sense and the modes of expression of the emotions. Roberta Tano's abstractionism is fundamentally an expression of her imagination, a force that allows her to free herself from the norms and conventions of society.

The pictures obtained in this way are confused and indecipherable; they express the sense of chaos, which is the representation of a reality, perhaps, more true than that proposed by human rationality.

Works of Roberta Tano


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